Black Forest-ish Bread Pudding

Impromptu Puddings

What a day its was yesterday, busy busy busy… the stresses of the day took their toll and for the first time in 3 weeks I really wanted some stodge…. REALLY wanted some!! EEEeeeekkkkKKKk!!!

I did manage to stop myself raiding the kids sweetie jar, just! instead I decided that I would have a go at making a Chocolate Bread Pudding that I had seen while browsing the net for recipe inspiration, but a quick recce in the cupboards revealed that I was short of more than a couple of the ingredients (booooooo!) not to be deterred though, I gave the recipe a bit of a twist and came up with a Black Forest-ish Bread Pudding! Its not exactly “Black Forest” as all I had was frozen mixed berries rather than just cherries, but it was pretty darn good, it was gooey, cakey, stodgy, chocolatey…. everything I was after, and was really quick and simple to make- do I ever make anything that is not quick or simple??!.

Had I been a bit more organised I would have worked some of the ingredients into my Healthy Extras to make it lower Syn, but as the title suggests, it was a spur of the moment thing and I had already used both of my Healthy Extras earlier in the day- even so, it worked out to 6 Syns per serving… and as I hadn’t used a single Syn all day, I indulged and topped it off with a couple of tablespoons of ¬†half fat Creme Fraiche for an extra 3 Syns- Delicious!!!!

6 Syns or 2 Syns if using bread as HEB

6 Syns or 2 Syns if using bread as HEB

If you want to have a go at making this, Here is how to….

Ingredients (serves 2)

2 Slices Wholemeal Bread (Medium sliced 800g Loaf) (8 Syns OR 1 HEB choice per serving)

100g Frozen Mixed Berries (1 1/2 Syns as they will be cooked)

2 TBSP Reduced Fat Cocoa Powder (2 Syns)

2 TBSP Sweetener

2 Eggs

50ml Skimmed Milk (1 Syn… or take it from HEA)

What to do….

* Preheat over to 180

*Toast the bread and cut each slice into chunks, put the bread and mixed berries together into an oven proof dish.

*Mix together the Milk, Eggs, Cocoa Powder and Sweetener, pour onto the bread/berry mix

*Make sure that the bread has absorbed a lot of the chocolate mixture, you might have to give it a bit of a squish about with the back of a fork!

*Cook for about 30 minutes, the top should go nicely crusty and the bottom remain slightly squishy….. I prefer mine a bit “drier” and less sloppy, but if you like it more moist then cook for slightly less time.

*Leave to “settle” for a few minutes then enjoy with a dollop of Quark…..If you have enough Syns left, top with some Creme Fraiche or maybe even some ice cream!

This really was a saviour last night and stopped me from heading wildly off track, I will definately be making this again…. though might go extra luxurious with a handful of marshmallows or some white chocolate chips thrown in with the fruit…. MMMMmmmmMMMmmmMM!!!

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